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If you do it by yourself, there is no one specific required form. . . . . Also please see a minor change in the bold letters in your sample letter. USCIS P. . . Hi all, I am thinking about sending a letter to USCIS requesting them to expedite . Best Answer: This is a very important letter it will affect your future . get a lawyer to do itMark both the envelope and the cover letter as to the nature of the submission. Need help please, I was told that along with my N400 I need to attach an affidavit letter explaining why I did not register with the selective service. . Box 660166 Dallas, TX 75266 Sub: Visitors visa extension for my parentsK1 Fiancee Visa Sample Sample cover letters to accompany your I129F Fiancee Visa petition to USCIS. It'd be up to . Although it is not required, including a cover letter with your citizenship application packet is a great idea, and will help USCIS make an informed decision on your application. . Can anyone post a sample cover letter if used, I always like to compare what I come up with . Question: cover letter sample USCIS (green card through marriage)? Best answer: Answer immigration lawyer . Copy of USCIS notice approving this I-130, with June 6, 2003, priority date. . . Printer Friendly Send to Friend Sample Letter Requesting to Recapture Priority Date . I thought FP is . . . Spend another $40 for I-693 form, sent to local USCIS office registered mail . . . . . . . . sample) can be downloaded from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS . You've probably not yet heard from CSC because you FP is expired, . . . . O. Best Answer: If you have an attorney, they will prepare a cover letter and a table of contents. Make sure, you address the cover letter to appropriate USCIS center and then address as Dear Sir . . . . . . organization may represent you when you file an application or petition with USCIS. . Fiance Visa Sample K1 I129F sample letters to accompany your USCIS petition. Does anybody has a sample . Visitors Visa Extension - Sample Cover Letter . Sample Letter of Affidavit of Support for International Students International students need to . If you have a lawyer, prepare a cover letter and a table of contents . . . .